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There were enough differences to make me believe I may have a reproduction tailgate.Sometime in the early part of this article I realized that my tailgate is authentic, but not for my CJ-3B.So in this article some dates must be taken with a small grain of salt.

The J guides use the two large end cutouts for bolting to the tailgate.

As of 5 November 1955, Panel 694152 was created for Tailgate 694155 which was for the later DJ-3A and Surrey.

The only difference was the holes for the license plate light and holder.

It was bolted shut; the spare tire and gas can would do damage to the tailgate if it were allowed to swing down as a matter of course.

The four indentations, or cutouts, appeared on the top flange just under the rollover on top of the tailgate.

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If one examines the flange just under the rollover on the top of this tailgate you will notice that the flange is straight the full distance; there are no interruptions.

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