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Essex county council trading standards website

This meant that of the 122 bases of the Mighty Eighth, it was the last to be vacated.

In March 1946 RAF Transport Command moved in at Honington, and the base would become crucial to the Berlin Airlift of 1948-49.

This was a considerable incentive for local authorities to build more houses.

The large establishment for training the recruits needed by the Third Infantry Division at Gibralter Barracks and Blenheim Camp, (West Lines), was now scaled down.

It was re-designated as Number 12 Primary Training Centre under Lt Colonel Milnes, late of 1 Suffolk.

The people had changed and a way of life had disappeared. Rationing continued, families were still separated in many cases, and homes were destroyed.

Long term issues replaced the day to day survival of the war, and the economy was totally geared to munitions production and had to be turned around.

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Major Pereira was now left in command of the Gibralter barracks, designated as depot of the Suffolk Regiment once again. In 1948 its training role would transfer to Colchester.

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