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EDIT: This may get a bit long - but I promise a fun ride!

Alright - so a little background on whats happening...

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Even though I was very clear that my schedule was packed, there was no "assumed obligation," and that I am basically an emotional cripple - she assured me that "this is what it is." Needless to say - not the case.

I am currently exploring 3 sites - Match, Plenty of Fish, and Ok Cupid.By the way - to date none have appreciated my worldly insight on this matter. most of the women take their own pictures using either (what I call) "The one arm bandit" or using the mirror in the bathroom (public or private doesn't seem to matter). However - you need to have a good opener when contacting these girls.I am leery of those that don't have friends to take the pictures for them... The majority of the time the ones that contact you first have something wrong with them... Morbid obesity seems to be the commonality of those that contact you first. I have had a fair amount of success with this one "The Internet suggests that you and I might get along...usually I will DQ someone for this - but there have been exceptions. So anyway - this is where I plan to share some of my adventures with you all. certainly The Internet would never lie to us would it?" Then followed up with something pretty milktoast - "I was reading through your profile (insert something in common) and tend to agree with The Internet." Again - when has The Internet ever lied or mislead anyone?

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