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M4m chat rooms

I enjoyed it all but could never agree to meet with a dom man for real. One night I was in a vegas m4m room when I got an IM from a man named Mike.His profile said he was 48, 6'1, 220, single and that he also worked out and was in good shape.You must learn to trust that I have your best interests in mind." "But, I need..." I start to say."I know what you need boy," he says flatly, "It's time for us to leave. We will spend a couple hours together then you may go, if you don't want to meet again, I will understand." "But Sir..." I start again. After I get up, he takes my arm and leads me to a bedroom in the back.The thing that really caught my eye was that he said he liked being in control of things. I answer his IM saying hello and it didn't take long to find out if my thoughts were correct.His first words to me were "Are you looking for a real man, boy?I talked to lots of guys, some from Vegas where I live, sometimes to men all over the US.Often they were dominant men and we would discuss my desires to submit to a dominant man.

I go out to the booth and get ready to sit down when he stops me. When I do, his hand reaches out and he grabs my crotch. "I don't know about this Sir," I am getting very nervous about this.

Masculine look, shadow, he has the looks of an executive out for a drink. I have to cater to them enough at work to have no trouble recognizing the signs. "I'm Mike, you may call me Sir, boy", is his reply. I guess that explains why I buy the beers and return to his booth. "That's what I mean boy, I've had to tell you that twice already. I start to reply but see the look on his face and realize this must be a test so I get up and go into the men's room, get into a stall and take my slacks off. I can't believe that I'm actually here with a dom man and that I'm doing this just because he told me too. It really feels weird to have my cock hanging free in my slacks.

Embarrassed to look him in the eye but play along with him,"Hello Sir." "Didn't think you would come boy, thought you would probably wimp out on me," he says. "Boy, I will ask the questions here, do you think you can understand that? "Look at me boy." I look up at him, know my face is red, "Yes Sir." His eyes are on mine and I soon have to break the eye contact and look down again. I sit down and as I look at him I see him checking me out. You really ought to pay attention when a real man decides to spend some time with you," he says, his voice very serious. Still looking down, "Yes Sir." "I find you interesting boy but I don't want to waste my time on a stupid boy, are you stupid boy? "No Sir," I say wanting to sound pissed off but figure it doesn't sound that way to him. "No Sir I'm sorry, It's just...," I start to tell him. Then I leave the stall, throw my jockeys in trash can, covering them with trash.

"What do you think about when you think of other men, boy? I told him that my fantasies usually involve being submissive to another man and be made to do as told.

I also explained that it was just a fantasy and I didn't know if I could do it for real.

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Sometimes, it would just be discussions about what doms expect from the subs and what kind of things I would like to experience, other times we got into roleplay, fantasizing on what would happen if we were to meet in various situations.

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