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Opening paragraph for online dating

In the meantime I finally achieved a goal I had set four years ago. For a week now since (and after seeing a posted motivational video about goal setting for the new year) I’ve thought about my PP&C (passion, purpose & calling.) Writing has always been a love/hate endeavor . Six hours before 2017 ended, I finished reformatting the last of my three historical romances. I reedited each, correcting content and character motivation errors, writing mistakes and awkward phrasing. Ironically, however, by doing so I also returned my east coast roots. And OMG (no pun intended) was that first confession a doozy!! That particular Sunday the subject of the homily was perseverance, specifically “you don’t bury your God-given talents in the face of failure.” It was a coincidence to say the least. Just the week prior I had written a piece here entitled “ . Not only on a personal level, having been dumped by a man I really cared about, but on a professional level as well. A humor blog about sex and aging and starting over? But who would have thought they would resonate so with other women? A lot of that could be pervs simply searching for porn with the word “sucks” in the title.) Neither can I truly know how impactful my off-the-wall musings and attempted humor posts are. Her outlook on life—and post relationship dating—was more than admirable. So along with my NJ/PA/NY roots, I returned to my religious ones—ie the Catholic Church. (Thou shalt not kill.) I think he doled out 20 Hail Marys, 5 or 6 Our Fathers and an Act of Contrition. Nowadays #2 (taking the Lord’s name in vain) is the one I struggle with. and start all over again.” Its subject was failure, because at that point I’d had a lot of it. (Though the numbers today say 5355 views by 3162 visitors in 90 countries, let’s be realistic. Waiting in the hotel crew lounge for our room keys in Paris (yeah . I loved her But more, I loved her brand of brass—that clash of class and sass that bespeaks confidence. I can write (and no doubt have) 100,000 words on the topic of starting over, wanting more, refusing to settle for less and learning overall andto love the self that stares back at me in the mirror. He was not only actually intimidated by my strength and independence. He made me feel ALIVE, desired, cherished, appreciated and confident . But as I’ve earlier written here (see “Candyland”), dude doesn’t relationships. Though he’s now water under my bridge, he set the bar pretty damn high.

Truth be told, I’ve been attending Sunday Masses for a while. (My parents were PA and upstate NY born and raised, and I was born in New Jersey while my dad was stationed at Ft. The book I had decided to self-publish on Amazon had sold a whopping 4 copies! But all joking now aside, here’s a confession of a different sort. So as I sat there listening to a discourse about perseverance and talent, I wondered if maybe it wasn’t a message—not exactly a lightning bolt from the sky, a burning bush or the actual booming voice of God—but a message nevertheless. But thanks to a fortuitous Church sermon, a random video and a loyal follower’s email, I do know this: I know the answer to “where to now.” At least for a while . In all honesty, my age is doing a number on my confidence. In fact, over the past 6 months I’d metaphorically hung out a “closed for repairs” sign. In as much as I most definitely nowadays have a vacancy, I realized in that moment in Paris, I’ve done next to nothing as far as advertising the opening. ‘cause God has a sense of humor and life is a freaking circle that turns on itself . As is the custom in Europe, a waiter elegantly dressed in a white shirt, black tie and long red apron stood at the entrance, greeting passersby in an attempt to entice them inside. I responded the same, politely gave a nod and a smile—and was promptly hit with a jolt. Tall, salt and pepper beard, dark hair and amazing eyes .

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No longer restricted by the publisher guidelines that in the 1990s censored what I could write, I also reworked and rewrote scenes and dialogue. Each of the three is different and each endears itself to me for a unique reason.