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Twitvid online dating

Human beings can get stabbed, shot, hit by cars, dropped from great heights, drowned, and poisoned and STILL SURVIVE (though to be honest, I don't know if anyone's sustained all of those in quick succession). Oh, a zombie stepped off a curb at an awkward angle and broke his/her ankle? Even with a decade and three different battlefronts, the result was far from global eradication of our species.Further, do you know how many SARS/Bird Flu/Swine Flu deaths happened in the United States?Aside from the fact that no actual virus/infection exists that would turn living people into soulless, plodding flesh-hungry beasts, there are five reasons the zombie apocalypse will never come to pass., I decided that while I could still watch (and enjoy) any and all zombie films and television shows… There's too many questions logged in my head from years of viewing this particular genre and here, at the end of 2010, I now feel a responsibility to myself and the world to completely unravel any semblance of the well-accepted cultural delusion that zombies could actually take over the world, if they existed in the form presented in popular modern media.Aside from the fact that no actual virus/infection exists that would turn living people into soulless, plodding flesh-hungry beasts, I believe there are five reasons the zombie apocalypse will never come to pass.have absolutely no defense against their greatest predator c.not flee their greatest predator even as their greatest predator is obliterating all other zombies d.(For the purposes of this dissertation, I am choosing to disregard any zombie tale in which zombies are created by some indefinable Biblical prophecy wherein all dead people rise from the grave and any person who dies after a certain point becomes a zombie whether or not they've been “infected” in any way. come on, that's just .) You know how you have separate clothes for winter and summer?That's because getting extremely hot or cold is bad for the human body (you may have gleaned this, over the years).

So how would people with open wounds, no shelter, and rapidly decaying flesh and bone respond to being out in the sun for hours or days or weeks at a time?

Frostbite on the limited remaining blood and fluid in their bodies would quickly eliminate motor function, reducing them to mildly cool heaps of flesh itching to be plowed into snowdrifts. And then the big Swine Flu business last year — remember that?

Humans may be relatively fragile but at least we can fix ourselves, more often than not. In addition to the aforementioned problems that zombies would encounter via the elements, they have no way to solve any other physical problem that may pop up. The total combined deaths of those three recent outbreaks worldwide was under 20,000 people (and an overwhelming majority of those were from swine flu, which is odd considering that that form of influenza is not usually very deadly).

But with the zombie infection, once you're infected, survival is not possible.” And you'd be right. See, there is one HUGE difference between something like swine flu and the zombie virus beyond existing suitable medical treatment: transmission. Whether it's through direct contact with fluids, aerosol germs, or touching a contaminated surface, if you believe someone around you has the flu, you basically need to avoid everyone and everything.

If the zombie virus spread like the Swine Flu, over 600,000 people would be zombies. The reason that influenza (in all its forms) has hung around so long and killed so many (thousands of people per year in the U. Once the flu's in the area, it's very difficult to remain flu-free. The lack of rabies-related death can be attributed to effective vaccinations but also because, at this point, people know not to get within biting distance of wild animals. ” so it would be long, sustained light pressure on your front door.

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But one unchanging part in nearly all of the zombie mythos is thus: you can only become a zombie if you are bitten by a zombie. Well, for real-world comparison, how many times have you contracted rabies? On average, less than 3 people die of rabies in the U. So, if you knew a zombie virus was out there, would you get within biting distance of any person you didn't know to be zombie-free (to say nothing of getting within biting distance of any person who looked like a zombie)? Make sure there are none hiding in your house and then just shut your doors and windows. Zombies could pile up against the sort of door used as the main entry in a home or building but it probably wouldn't do much good as those doors are designed to keep people out. I think by the time that loosely assembled plan came together for the zombies (if it ever did), you would've had more than enough opportunity to slip out the back door and drive anywhere else in the country.

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