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Zvijezde zalagaonica online dating

In the run up to Christmas Kate has been retained to protect Gloria Kendal, one of the leading stars in ‘Northerners’, a hugely popular long-running soap opera set in the Manchester area (I wonder what that could be modelled upon!

There are interesting characters, touches of humour and a plot line that will keep you guessing for most of the book.3.5★The last of her enjoyable Kate Brannigan series, and for some reason I had only this one in my shelf, though I had read them all last century, at least in translation. I had only read one of Mc Dermid's first series (Lindsay), and it seemed dry, dreary, slogging - I approved of the sentiments and the politics, but it was unpleasant - as if serial torture isn't, you ask?

Kate discovers that all is not well on the set as someone has been giving out gossip and leaking upcoming scripts to the press.

This is more of a cosy crime than a gritty th First published in 1988 this last of the series starring PI Kate Brannigan has stood the test of time quite well.

I always felt guilty because her first series was the only lesbian lead character, but maybe being too close to home put too many pressures on a writer already having a lot of things to say?

I felt guilty for enjoying Kate's relationship with Richard!

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She uses the plot to satirise the world of soap operas, and draws on her own experiences as a journalist to expose the traffic in leaked plotlines and cast members’ secrets.